About the Book

…drunk again!

 I went to bed drunk, I woke up drunk. This couldn’t be my life at 25, with nowhere to go and no one to turn to. I couldn’t release the demon, until that one night…This is the story of the life of Keith. A hometown kid growing up in Jackson, MS living with the same demons and curses he saw his father succumb to. He is mentally and physically exhausted from the abuse and obsession —wondering how he got here at such a young age, yet he is out of control. He is passed the point of hopelessness.

Until One Night...

Keith takes you on this voyage called life, both past and present. Through beautiful story-telling Keith allows you to experience what it is to deal with some of life’s hardest battles–addiction, depression, neglect. He shows you how these things can be your greatest downfall but through faith, hope, and love, he is able to overcome. He shows you how “love” his greatest inspiration saved him from a life of destruction.